Regina Mangan has been a prominent figure in Waterford’s business economy for over 25 years. Hailing from Limerick, she moved to Waterford looking for opportunity.

Regina is a wealth of knowledge on all things property, and all things Waterford.  She cites that Waterford’s cost of living, quality of life and great business opportunities make the City and County a no-brainer when it comes to choosing your location.

Regina herself lives in An Rinn, (Gaeltacht area) in the west of the County, and can often be seen walking the beaches in the early morning before she departs for work – a mere 50 minutes drive to Waterford City.

Regina can also attest to the value on offer when buying property in Waterford. “Property prices in Waterford are the lowest of any city in Ireland, allowing prospective buyers to get more value for their money, compared with spending the same amount in a larger city”.