Zevas, established in 2001, is a privately owned leading provider of outsourced and insourced customer contact solutions for companies who are serious about every customer communication”.

Speaking to David Cashman, Site lead for their hub in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, it is clear how successful the opening of the hub has been. They are now an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE in the region, and the quality of life available to employees has increased their productivity, and in turn, their customer satisfaction levels.

David comments that towns like Dungarvan offer a lot of opportunity to employees, stating that “Our workforce are happy. The speed of life is slower here. I walked to work this morning, I had no long commute and I got my exercise in on the way to work”. He adds “You have more disposable income here. Ambitious people are no longer geographically locked-in to the larger cities like Dublin or London. They can still have a cutting-edge career, while having a quality of life you can’t get in the bigger cities”.

David can also attest to the advantages of partnering with Enterprise Ireland, who provided valuable information to the company in advance of their decision to ‘move’ to the County Waterford town.

David is passionate about building a local network around their business, where they can source any products they need from local suppliers.