Boxworks Co-Working Space is a creative and innovative space designed to share knowledge, resources and facilities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, sole traders and SME’s while providing them with a state-of-the-art work environment. This unique space in Waterford’s City Centre is the brainchild of Jim ‘Flash’ Gordon. Himself a graduate of SETU, Jim saw an opening in the City for a space “to create inclusive, collaborative communities of like-minded people doing exciting things”.

Jim himself is an advocate for the City of the Future, and feels that Waterford has huge potential. Himself a City Centre resident, and owner of several businesses across the City (including the award-winning Revolution Gastro Bar), Jim is passionate about the community of business people who have come together to make the Boxworks community.

As Boxworks’ popularity rose, Jim begun to get involved with industry clusters in Waterford, and has faciitated Tech meetups and other such gatherings where like-minded individuals gather at Boxworks to share new technologies and engage in team building. Jim recognises great potential for tech companies to move out of the high-cost Dublin to regional cities like Waterford, where employees can thrive, and where the excellent quality of life attracts & retains them.