Artesyn Biosolutions expanded their operations to Waterford in 2019. Having various sites in San Diego and another in Estonia, they set up their Manufacturing site in Waterford to expand their manufacturing capability. Artesyn Biosolutions develop and manufacture next-generation single-use flow components & systems for the constantly evolving life science space.

Jonathan Downey, Operations Director of ARTeSYN’s Waterford Headquarters said: “Having our Global Headquarters in Waterford illustrates the confidence that companies like ours, with a global footprint, have in Ireland. Our expansion plans, although ambitious, are achievable through the support of the Irish manufacturing ecosystem and we are looking forward to the further development of our manufacturing operations at our Irish and European facilities.”

Jonathan adds: “Becoming an IDA Ireland Client Company, we gained access to the large network of IDA affiliate companies .  Their local knowledge of the Manufacturing ecosystem was essential, and has enabled us to grow our sales channels. We are also only 3 hours from our customer sites, which enables us to quickly react to their needs”.

In November 2020 it was announced that Artesyn Biosolutions had been acquired in a $200m deal, by Nasdaq-listed Repligen. Company founder Michael Gagne stated that “we are at a point now where we need to scale again, and believe Repligen is the best partner to grow with”.