Ruth Beadle’s move to Waterford marked a pivotal shift in her life, offering a balanced environment for both her career and family.

As the Head of Global Supply Chain at Sanofi, she values the compact, community-focused nature of Waterford, which contrasts sharply with her previous life in Dublin and the UK. The city’s blend of Viking heritage and modernity, coupled with its proximity to natural landscapes provided an ideal backdrop for raising her children and advancing her career.

Waterford’s growing healthcare sector enhances its appeal as a professional hub. With major companies like Sanofi employing a significant workforce, the city attracts top talent, benefitting from local graduates and seasoned professionals alike. This thriving community not only supports personal growth but also fosters significant professional opportunities within a competitive industry.

The quality of life in Waterford, highlighted by short commutes and affordable housing, further convinces many to relocate. Beadle’s experience reflects a broader trend: professionals seeking a fulfilling life away from the frenetic pace of larger cities find Waterford an excellent place to live and work.

Beadle describes her professional environment in Waterford: “Accessibility is very important in my line of work and the M9 motorway has really helped. With Waterford, you get the benefits of a small and cosy community but you don’t feel that sense of being remote, whether in relation to people or product.”