TQS Integration, based is Lismore, Co. Waterford have achieved great success. Starting out their business from their own home in Co. Waterford, Tom & Marie Quilty now operate from 11 offices across the globe. The company provides architecture and application design, engineering, system integration, project management, commissioning and 24/7 “follow the sun” support services, to their valued customer base.

They are proud to serve twelve of the twenty leading global life sciences companies as clients, and they are now data partners for three of the global pharmaceutical companies currently at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines, assisting those companies to rapidly-deploy, and scale-up their operations and production models to facilitate the efficient production of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Their ethos sees them work hard to ensure that every employee feels supported and encouraged to have a healthy balance between work and home commitments. We spoke with Stephen Quinn, Global Head of Human Resources at TQS Integration who explained “We believe rest and a full life outside of the office makes for a happier, healthier team. Our employees can go for a run/walk before work, and get home early enough to spend time with their families, or to engage in active wellness”.

Stephen also talks about their location being as asset to their business, by adding “We take any opportunity we can get to bring a prospective customer or prospective employee to our base in Lismore, because its an opportunity to impress them”.