An Ecosystem for Innovation.


An Ecosystem for Innovation

Waterford City Region has a global profile, unique heritage and capacity for innovation. Indeed, innovation is the common theme that brings together public, private and academic partners within the region and the Waterford City Region has one of the most vibrant, structured, cohesive and collaborative innovation ecosystems in the country that supports international and indigenous companies in their innovation journey from inception to maturity to internationalisation.

The city aims to enable entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs and global enterprises to engage with the necessary government and business supports such as funding, business incubators, accelerators, networking, mentoring and other relevant services to help them forge their future success in the region. A focus on commercialisation, with industrial partnerships is at the heart of all Waterford’s strategy.


A Cohesive Ecosytem

The city has the ecosystem in place that is led by innovative-oriented organisations with the sole purpose of increasing and promoting business productivity and global competitiveness, and investment and talent attraction.

The innovation ecosystem in the South East is populated with a complete support network including research centres of excellence, industry-led cluster groups, venture capital, tech accelerator, business innovation centres and multiple start-up and co-working spaces.

How we help.
We can provide investment support and advice on doing business in Waterford. We facilitate introductions to economic development agencies, private industry, academia and government.