Waterford unveils ambitious plans for a new investment brand – “Waterford: Find Your Future”

map-navigationPlans to propose the entire City of Waterford as a Decarbonising Zone under Ireland’s Climate Action Plan have been unveiled at the launch of Waterford’s new investment brand identity. Under the ambitious Waterford – Find Your Future brand, which is centred on Waterford’s critical role in future national development as a population centre and economic driver, a range of climate mitigation measures are to be introduced across the city to address future growth in a sustainable way. … [ read more ] 

Waterford –Ireland’s most Liveable Place

Voted Ireland’s most liveable place in 2021, Waterford boasts a relaxed, modern lifestyle with pristine beaches, rugged mountains and vibrant urban centres. In Waterford you can finish work and be at the beach in 20 minutes, cycle Waterford Greenway, visit the UNESCO Copper Coast or dine in award winning restaurants across our stunning City and County. … [ read more ] 

‘Zoom town’ revolution – Waterford bids to attract remote workers to sunny south-east
Cost of living ‘about one-third of Dublin and property prices are about half of the capital’, says Council chief executive, Michael Walsh. [ read more ]